Ewarenow Quick Query

Reduce the frustration, cost of issues and surprises

You probably have a lot of money invested in your main business software and hardware to operate it. It probably serves your normal operating processes quite well. But when you get a surprise or an unusual issue, is it too hard and costly to get the specific data you need from your entire business software?

Ewarenow Quick Query™ makes it easy to get useful facts quickly from even a very complex database -- usually without needing IT technical expertise.


Ewarenow Quick Query saved a big account for us. One of our largest customers said they were dropping us because we delivered late nearly half the time. I scheduled to meet with their senior executives the next day. When I left for the airport I had an Excel spreadsheet from Quick Query with the facts: 97% on-time delivery on dozens of orders over a 2-year period. That saved the account, which remains a happy customer today. 

David Wolff, Retired CEO of a major U.S. PCB supplier

Ewarenow Quick Query is everything I wanted and more at an affordable price. I wanted a way for my staff to create and use templates to extract data from our LIMS database to Excel. Ewarenow delivered its Quick Query application. One example: a state government agency requires us to submit detailed test results from many of our work orders as we complete them. The spreadsheets we now generate in Quick Query contain 77 columns of data from our database, all with formatting changes to exactly meet the agency’s own import requirements.

President of a large, growing testing laboratory

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